Who We Are & How to Contact Us

SNO Publishing is a dba of Green D, Inc., a Washington State corporation that was originally formed to sell Biodiesel Powered Additives™ for diesel engines.  SNO Publishing, is dedicated to producing and promoting essays and books about to how to live in the intersection between God’s world and our own.

The very first chapter of the very first book in the Holy Bible explains that God created women and men to serve as caretakers of the world we live in.  Thus, learning how to be good stewards of the world we’ve been given, how to live in harmony with one another, and how to honor the God who created us involves all aspects of life, including the fuels we use to power our vehicles.

Our founders are Gary and Raelene Williams, life-long followers of Jesus who became interested in biofuels about the time the new millennium began.  Both have long been active in non-profit organizations that work with troubled and low-income individuals and families, and have helped to start several ministries that provide resources to those in need.

SNO Publishing grew out of a desire to make resources available to those interested in learning about Jesus outside of normal church channels and for those looking to supplement what they are learning in their churches.

For more about SNO Publishing and its products, please contact us at:

SNO Publishing
Washougal, WA