Books And Essays About Following Jesus

SNO Publishing is a venture of Green D, Inc., dedicated to publishing and promoting essays and books that deal with how to live in the intersection between God’s world and our world.  Check out our offerings below:

•  Perfection Collides With Free Will   Gary Williams —  A study of Genesis 1-3, with an emphasis on relationships, by Gary A. Williams.   Please email questions or comments to: .

•  Living at the Intersection of Worship, Work & Ministry  —  Gary Williams FREE — God lived in His world long before He created our world.  Now He lives in our world and His, as He chooses.  Many of us proclaim ourselves to be “Christian” (Christ followers), yet find ourselves struggling to walk beside him into the intersections of our life, such as where our neighborhoods, our cities, or our work environments intersect and overlap God’s world.  We think of worship as what we do at church and work as where we make our money.  When we think of ministry, it is often tied to things we do at church, with other Christ followers.  This essay describes one person’s journey toward understanding how our world overlaps God’s and how to live in both worlds at the same time.

•  How can anyone believe in Jesus?FREE  —  The author takes a shot at answering 10 common arguments against Christianity, with the help of the Bible, numerous histories, and other sources.

•   Leading a Bible Study for the First Time  —   FREE  — Raelene Williams has been leading Bible studies with individuals and small groups for more than 40 years.  This essay is based on a talk she presented at a workshop for potential small-group leaders years ago and has been updated.

•   The Intersection Between Faith and FinancesFREE  — Gary Williams writes about New Testament principles regarding the sharing of tithes and offerings.  You may be surprised to learn what a year-long study of the subject taught this life-long Christ follower.  What we’ll guarantee is that you won’t hear another sermon about money without thinking of  Rev. William Law’s hands and f{“type”:”block”,”srcClientIds”:[“763e804f-0916-4c74-bf6d-efee45cbf6ba”],”srcRootClientId”:””}eet illustration.

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